Assessment on the displacement of the erosion hole in Tan Chau, An Giang Province, Vietnam

Nga N Q Tra *1), Kim T Tran 2), Bay T Nguyen 3)

1,3) Faculty of Civil Engineering, HCMC University of Technology, Vietnam

2)Faculty of Island Marine Resource Management, University of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam




There are a total of 23 deep erosion holes in the Mekong River Delta (MRD) in the present. The formation and development of deep erosion holes are one of the causes of severe riverbank erosion, which damages the livelihoods and infrastructure of the area near these erosion holes. This study focus on analyze the migration of the deep erosion holes in the Tien River through the Tan Chau (An Giang province) based on measured terrain data and modeled scenarios. The results show that a large erosion holes tend to move towards the downstream and its development over time has the potential to cause bank failure. This preliminary results will forecast the possibility of bank failure in the future, moreover, these results also will help policy makers to make the reasonable solutions.

Keywords: erosion hole, Mekong Delta, Tien River, bank failure.Eng_Fullpp_RCEnvE-2018_displacement erosion hole