[Đức] Học Bổng Toàn Phần Học Phí Khoá Học Mùa Hè DAAD TU Berlin Summer University 2020

General Information

The TU Berlin Summer University will be offering one scholarship, the TU Berlin President’s Scholarship to an exceptional applicant applying to participate in the 2020 TU Berlin Summer Program.

The TU Berlin President’s Scholarship is a scholarship, which has free tuition, supported by the TU Berlin. This scholarship will be awarded to ONE applicant only. Please note that this scholarship does not include accommodation and travel expenses.

All applicants must register online for the TU Berlin Summer University, and pay the registration fee of 60€, in order to be considered for the scholarship. The registration fee will be refunded to unsuccessful candidates.

The selection process will be carried out by the Scholarship Commission of the TU Berlin Summer University.

The deadline for applications for this summer is April 20th, 2020, 9:00am (German time: Central European Standard Time)! 

Application Process

Please read the Scholarship Guidelines carefully and ensure that you complete each step.

Enquiries regarding scholarships and funding opportunities from any of these organisations should be made directed to the provider.

Please note that the application deadlines usually differ from those of the TU Berlin Summer and Winter University, so applications may be due well in advance of our programs.

Please visit HERE for more information